Re: [Usability] Re: Nautilus Sendto -- opportunities for generalisation

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 08:58, Daniele Levorato wrote:
> Edd,
> I agree with you... but even the idea of a very long context menu is not
> so amazing... and it would happen if all the developers would start
> using nautilus context menu...
> Perhaps I'm wrong but... is it possible to let the user choose in
> specific application preferences whether to put or not usefull items in
> nautilus context-menu? It would solve both the opinions! For example I
> would use a "Send to Blutooth device" and *surelly* an Evolution "send
> via e-mail", but I don't care about F-Spot... another user could have
> different choices so it would use the Preferences dialog of the specific
> application to avoid it to put any item in the context menu.

Its sort of lame to have a huge configuration dialog for this. If we
have lots of menu items and don't want a huge menu, you'd need to
disable them all by default. However, this would force every user to use
the config dialog to use any of the features, something a lot of people
will miss.

> Would it be a good HIG? for example: "If an application want to put
> something in a file-manager context menu (ex. Nautilus, gmc), then it
> has to ask the user before attempting to do so".

Its very hard to do that with the way apps are typically deployed as
packages. If the shared lib is there, every user on the system will see
it. I guess if we add a per-user config for each application adding
something we could change that. But when would this happen? on login? It
can't happen on install...

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