Re: Nautilus Sendto -- opportunities for generalisation

On Sun, 2004-08-29 at 13:06 +0200, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> You're assuming that every user installs this stuff knowingly, whereas 
> most default GNOME desktops are prepared by distro vendors.

Well, they can send always send patches into me then.

> > There's no point in writing another file manager-like application just
> > to send files!
> But there's no point in cluttering context menus either. Where does it 
> stop? At the moment I have file-roller, rhythmbox and phone-manager 
> adding unrequested items to that menu. Evolution might add 'send via 
> e-mail' for each file, F-spot 'add to image library' for each directory, 
> and I won't be surprised if someday soon I see 'cook in microwave' in my 
> context menus. ;)

I don't understand why you're spending so much energy telling me this.
Let's build it the wrong way and then make it right, rather than not
build it at all.  All this effort in the discussion is frankly making me
tired of developing anything at all.  This is what Nat was talking about
in his GUADEC keynote about not letting our inclination to do things the
Right Way stop us doing things.

I don't care that F-Spot has the context item and I don't care that
gnome-phone-manager does it.  The file manager is unquestionably the
right place for this functionality.  If it becomes a problem, Nautilus
maintainers can solve it.

Right now, this thread is making me lose the will to carry on.

> > Use a 2.7 series panel and do the "Add to panel" menu item.  Instead of
> > the deep context menus it brings up a simple list.
> That might be a possibility, although I don't quite see yet how this 
> would work in practise.

We never will if we argue people to the point where they've not got any
energy to pursue ideas.

This is my last post.

-- Edd

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