Re: Nautilus Sendto -- opportunities for generalisation

Hello Edd,

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Edd Dumbill wrote:

Perhaps it is, but I still don't see the need of cluttering nautilus
context menus with stuff few people will use some of the time.

Well, if they've installed GNOME Bluetooth they've installed it because
they want to send files.  It's not part of the Desktop release and
likely won't be.

You're assuming that every user installs this stuff knowingly, whereas most default GNOME desktops are prepared by distro vendors.

There's no point in writing another file manager-like application just
to send files!

But there's no point in cluttering context menus either. Where does it stop? At the moment I have file-roller, rhythmbox and phone-manager adding unrequested items to that menu. Evolution might add 'send via e-mail' for each file, F-spot 'add to image library' for each directory, and I won't be surprised if someday soon I see 'cook in microwave' in my context menus. ;)

Use a 2.7 series panel and do the "Add to panel" menu item.  Instead of
the deep context menus it brings up a simple list.

That might be a possibility, although I don't quite see yet how this would work in practise.


Reinout van Schouwen			student of Artifical Intelligence
email: reinout cs vu nl			mobile phone: +31-6-44360778

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