Re: Splitting up documentation/translations?

Hi Chippz,

Yesterday at 16:51, Chipzz <chipzz ULYSSIS Org> wrote:

>> Oh, yes. So what about using pkg-config to determine if the gnome-lang-
> What about just respecting the LINGUAS environment variable, which was
> meant for this kind of stuff in the first place?

That's trivial (intltool should be fixed to respect it as well for
merging stuff, but that's easy, since it requires changes to only one
tool), but it only works when building from source.  The problem here
is this:

- we have installed a system with translations in several languages,
  perhaps chosen via LINGUAS
- we want to add one or more other translations to it using only
  single "update" package

So, how do we make up this single package which will know what it all
needs to update? (rhethorical question, the short answer is that it
needs to be implemented in a build system ;)


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