Splitting up gnome-games

Due to the increasing size of gnome-games I have decided that it is time
to split up the package into two parts, one with the code and basic
themes and the other with all the extra bits of art-work. I intend doing
this in the next few days, i.e. before 2.8.

In terms of the release cycle this should have a minimal effect since no
code will be involved and the new package should not be considered a
part of the official desktop release (obviously it will track it,
although hopefully with fewer updates since it will be entirely

The goal is to have a frequently updated gnome-games package with the
less-frequently updated data in a separate package so people tracking
tarball releases have less downloading to do (and the GNOME servers have
less data to hold). Obviously there will be no benefit for CVS users.
The gnome-games package will still be usable in a stand-alone
configuration. It will also clear the way for a slightly more liberal
inclusion of contributed graphics.

Are there any comments / suggestions on this. While technically this
doesn't breach any freezes, it certainly does in spirit. However the
last gnome-games release breached the 10M barrier for the first time in
a while (it got to 11M) and this was almost entirely the result of
adding data (an SVG card set).

 - Callum

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