Re: Splitting up gnome-games

On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 12:11 +1200, Callum McKenzie wrote:
> Due to the increasing size of gnome-games I have decided that it is time
> to split up the package into two parts, one with the code and basic
> themes and the other with all the extra bits of art-work. I intend doing
> this in the next few days, i.e. before 2.8.
> In terms of the release cycle this should have a minimal effect since no
> code will be involved and the new package should not be considered a
> part of the official desktop release (obviously it will track it,
> although hopefully with fewer updates since it will be entirely
> artwork).
> The goal is to have a frequently updated gnome-games package with the
> less-frequently updated data in a separate package so people tracking
> tarball releases have less downloading to do (and the GNOME servers have
> less data to hold). Obviously there will be no benefit for CVS users.
> The gnome-games package will still be usable in a stand-alone
> configuration. It will also clear the way for a slightly more liberal
> inclusion of contributed graphics.
> Are there any comments / suggestions on this. While technically this
> doesn't breach any freezes, it certainly does in spirit. However the
> last gnome-games release breached the 10M barrier for the first time in
> a while (it got to 11M) and this was almost entirely the result of
> adding data (an SVG card set).

So the tarball is 11M and 31M unpacked.  This is somewhat interesting:

[shaunm cornholio ~/gnome-games-2.7.6] du -sch */help | tail -1
3.1M    total

Now it turns out that there are 48 total translations of all documents,
including the C locale (ls -d */help/?? */help/C | wc -l).  (Yeah, all
right that misses stuff like en_GB, but there aren't any; I checked.)
There are 60 .po files for gnome-games.  Ideally, of course, we'd like
all the documentation translated as well.  With 19 help documents, that
would give us 1159 total translations of all documentation (including
the C locale, again).

Let's assume all the translations will be roughly equal size.  I know
it's a terrible assumption, but I'm lazy.  so ((1159 / 48) * 3.1M) gives
us nearly 75M.

Seventy-five megabytes!

At some point, we're going to have to figure out something clever for
packaging translations of documentation.

I don't have any objections or anything about what you're doing right
now.  I just thought this somewhat-related tidbit was interesting.


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