Re: Splitting up documentation/translations?

Hi Enver,

Today at 11:54, Enver ALTIN wrote:

> Merhaba,
> On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 11:07 +0200, Danilo egan wrote:
>> With GUI stuff, you'd have to go through lot of manual tasks while
>> updating.  If you get a PO file (or MO file  it's easily parsed),
>> you need to merge translations into existing .desktop, .schemas, ...
>> files.  intltool-merge can do this (provided you mark _Name, _Comment,
>> ... and similar), but you need to know which files to update.
> Oh, yes. So what about using pkg-config to determine if the gnome-lang-
> foo module is installed and retrieve the needed data to merge
> into .desktop files at build time, just like any other dependency?

That's the easy part.  Going back and marking all original strings
with underscores again is where the trouble lies.  It seems easier to
make intltool keep eg. <_tags> in XML files, or _Name, _GenericName
and _Comment fields in .desktop files...

Basically, translations-merging is currently very much related to
build system, and stuff needed for it is placed all around *source*
repositories (this is important to note, since we won't necessarily
have source code available when adding a single translation to
already installed system).

>> I'll think some more about all this, but it seems many changes to the
>> build system will be required, so this will probably affect developers
>> more than it would affect translators and localizers.
> Yes, pretty sure. Do you think it will worth doing this anytime soon? I
> was just, blowing out yet another idea from the mist in my mind.

Indeed, but I don't see it as anywhere near to ready in 2.8
timeframe.  Perhaps, if there're enough interested folks, it might be
done for 2.10.

(FWIW, I failed to even finish documentation-translation framework
[with the hard bits being done by Shaun :] for 2.8, which I promised
to others and myself, so I'm not making any further promises ;)


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