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On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 09:06, Mark McLoughlin wrote:

> - Cantus
>     Discussion centred around whether we should be adding a tag editor
>     to the desktop, and if we should, whether it should be a standalone
>     app or integrated to Nautilus and/or Rhythmbox.
>     Consensus seemed to be a "no".  

I agree.  What's the point of having a tag editor when you can't even
play your songs?  I don't think the average user would understand the
inclusion of this app without having a companion media player.

>  - libsoup
>    gal
>    gtkhtml
>    evolution-data-server
>    evolution
>    evolution-exchange

I could go either way.  I use Evo, but think that it fits nicely in
gnome-office.  However, I do thing e-d-s makes a good candidate since
there are other apps that can make use of it.

>  - gnome-volume-manager
>      Concerns about what happens with a 2.4 kernel, agreement that it 
>      should be resolved before inclusion. Has it?
>      Discussion about merging its configuration UI with the control 
>      centre. Agreement that this isn't a blocker, though.
>      Consensus: yes

The only reason I could say not to include this is that it's very Linux
2.6 specific.  You mention Linux 2.4, but this won't work on Solaris or
any of the BSDs without HAL support.  Now that is probably not a good
reason to hold it back, but I have tried to submit DBUS patches for
FreeBSD, and they have not been adopted.  Combine that with the fact
that there hasn't been a recent release of either DBUS or HAL, I'm not
really sure what the cross-platform status is.

>  - vino
>      Concern about the lack of a VNC client in GNOME, suggested that 
>      Vino should have a vncviewer launcher dialog like tsclient, but 
>      that hasn't happened.
>      I started to try and summarise the rest of the discussion, but 
>      realised that, as the author, I probably shouldn't.

I like this.  I use it, and it works well out-of-the-box.  I don't think
a viewer is really critical as apps like tsclient do take up the slack. 
Maybe in a future release, the two can be more tightly integrated.


Joe Marcus Clarke
FreeBSD GNOME Team	::	marcus FreeBSD org
gnome FreeBSD org
FreeNode / #freebsd-gnome

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