Re: Build system

If you want new gnome apps in redhat 9 checkout:
You don't have to write spec files someone has done it for you :-)

Marcin Antczak wrote:

W liście z czw, 04-09-2003, godz. 20:39, Jeff Waugh pisze:
<quote who="Marcin Antczak">

You are assuming that every possible application for gtk/gnome is
available in binary form for my distribution what in my opinion is not

I use RH 9 which is (I think) most popular linux distribution, but I still
have to build/compile/whatever a lot of applications.
Well, to be honest, that is a problem with your distribution. My distro does
not keep me wanting for software. :-)

What distro? :-) (Mandrake?)

And more - what if I want to have application with different options
than it is by default?
Then the application is broken.

Well, you propably didn't understand me.

Little example (not from Gnome world but...) PHP in RH binaries are
compiled without XML support in PHP so I have to rebuild packages (and
add some dependent packages like sablotron etc)....

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