Re: Build system (was: SVG format in ...)

<quote who="Marcin Antczak">

> > Each creates a cache file. Use that in all the others and you're done.
> > You could do this, for example, by using the same build directory for
> > all your projects/builds.
> If it is so easy then why Garnome doesn't use this?

Reliability, sanity, etc., etc.

> Running the same tests again and again... what a waste of time.

When you're using GARNOME, you're BUILDING SOFTWARE, dude. Compiling
software, in almost 99% of cases is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. We only bother
doing it because as testers and developers, it is required. That's why we've
throughly automated it, so we can let it sit there and do its business
without involving valueable human brain cycles.

There is no sane reason for any normal user to compile their software from
source, and it is a waste of time to work on make this process "click and
go" easy. It is simply not important.

What you've loosely specified in your emails on this topic, is a problem
that does not require a solution. Real Hackers (developers and testers)
build their software from source because they have to, but know exactly what
they're doing, and how to go about it. Real Users have no interest in
building software at all.

You're trying to optimise for some kind of freakish, bastardised, anal
retentive middle ground of people who are building software but don't know
what they're doing. Obviously, these people are deeply confused about life,
the universe and everything, and are not an important target market for
anyone who has better things to do with their Free Software contributions.

Sorry, but you're barking up the wrong tree.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
              Fierce Commerce. Fierce Freedom. Free Software.

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