Re: Build system (was: SVG format in ...)

W liÅ?cie z czw, 04-09-2003, godz. 20:09, Jeff Waugh pisze: 
> <quote who="Marcin Antczak">
> > > Each creates a cache file. Use that in all the others and you're done.
> > > You could do this, for example, by using the same build directory for
> > > all your projects/builds.
> > 
> > If it is so easy then why Garnome doesn't use this?
> Reliability, sanity, etc., etc.
> > Running the same tests again and again... what a waste of time.
> When you're using GARNOME, you're BUILDING SOFTWARE, dude. Compiling
> software, in almost 99% of cases is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. We only bother
> doing it because as testers and developers, it is required. That's why we've
> throughly automated it, so we can let it sit there and do its business
> without involving valueable human brain cycles.
> There is no sane reason for any normal user to compile their software from
> source, and it is a waste of time to work on make this process "click and
> go" easy. It is simply not important.

You are assuming that every possible application for gtk/gnome is
available in binary form for my distribution what in my opinion is not

I use RH 9 which is (I think) most popular linux distribution, but I
still have to build/compile/whatever a lot of applications.

And I have a lot of problems with broken dependencies - of course I cam
write *.spec files for everything - but it is really time consuming job.

And more - what if I want to have application with different options
than it is by default?

Any way, this discussion is now a waste of time - I have something more
important to do... but stay tuned I will have a little surprise for you

Maybe I'm not C/C++ developer but I still can do something interesting
with something what I know quite well - Java/XML/XSLT/Jelly/SVG...

> What you've loosely specified in your emails on this topic, is a problem
> that does not require a solution. Real Hackers (developers and testers)
> build their software from source because they have to, but know exactly what
> they're doing, and how to go about it. Real Users have no interest in
> building software at all.
> You're trying to optimise for some kind of freakish, bastardised, anal
> retentive middle ground of people who are building software but don't know
> what they're doing. Obviously, these people are deeply confused about life,
> the universe and everything, and are not an important target market for
> anyone who has better things to do with their Free Software contributions.


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