Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

W liÅ?cie z czw, 04-09-2003, godz. 11:15, Christophe Fergeau pisze: 
> > 3. My idea is to create something _powerful_ and easy to use.
> > Something what will provide fast installation but still provide high
> > level of optimalization.
> > 
> > The only solution I can see right now is specialized web frontend and
> > powerfull engine to create specialized shell scripts based on user
> > options.
> Have you ever considered gentoo ( It looks like
> it could mostly achieve what you are looking for (except that it is a
> full linux distro, not a GNOME distro).

I know Gentoo - it is nice but on slow machine it takes ages to build.
Garnome on something below PIII 1GHz is hard to accept but full
distro... 5 days to build? thank you... :-)

> > I just think that if we have Desktop Environment then this is targeted
> > for all kind of users but for beginners too.
> A beginner will use its distro binary packages...

Which are awful.

> > I think that specialized installation and builing system for Desktop
> > Environment is very important - and this is not a beginning of flame
> > war.
> How many people would benefit from that? Ie how many people would want
> to build from source while using specific build options and not wanting
> to fiddle too much with configure and stuff? I believe most of those
> people are already using gentoo or a similar distro.

You know I don't want to concentrate on specialized options!
I know I'm heretic but for example I would like to see something like 
Microsoft Office Installer for Gnumeric, Gimp etc...
I want to choose between graphical installers for rpms with hardcoded
options and building from source on console...

If I have Desktop Enviroment I would like to see good _visual_ tool to
build install configure - everything...

And don't get me wrong I'm not a newbie but I think that even advanced
users should think about newbies and create nice tools for everyone.

Marcin Antczak <marcin antczak e-dev pl>

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