Re: vcard-integration for gnome

Am 23.11.2003 10:04 schrieb(en) Xavier Bestel:
Le dim 23/11/2003 à 01:10, Fred Smith a écrit :
Well, since evolution already uses standard formats for it's back- end, this may be as simple as putting together a single, standardized directory to throw vcard and ics files into. Then, balsa, gaim, evolution, etc would all have to be told that the default contact database is ~/.contacts and that by default, calendars are stored in ~/.calendars. That way, you don't *need* to call an evolution/gaim/gnome component to interact with them, but it could be an available option.

That would not work. You need a common API to access the data,
	- you don't ensure proper locking
	- you can't use external sources (LDAP, Exchange, OGo ...)

that is exactly the point. We'd need a totally application-independent library aimed for inclusion into the platform or desktop at least.

As for the data-storage, a freedesktop-specification would rock imho, as you could share your pim-data between different desktops, each one with its own lib for access if needed. And most of all, that means no "~/Evolution"-folder for example. ;)

Darko Obradovic

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