Re: About applications remembering size

Andrew W. Nosenko wrote:
"from a perspective of a *some* users" will be more correct.  Because, as
example, I'm very annoyed by auto-remember size behavior, not by "don't
remember".  Therefore list of "good"/"bad" applications, provided by
you, is totally inverted from my point of view.

What then? windows always come in the same size? the one the programer choose? having to resize a browser window every time you open a new one? user run resolutions from 800x600 to 1600x1200.

Gnumeric saving window size for documents will help, but you can't (shouldn't) do this for websites.

Perhaps you can illustrate you point with some examples?

My opinion: any application should have something like

    Remember window size?
    () always
    () ask user
    () never

radio button group.
Or "[] Auto-remember window size?" checkbox...

No GUI for this please. If it is ever to get implemented, make it a gconf key (maybe global and not per app?).

May be replacing the "... window size" by "... window size, positions
and opened documents" will be more applicable... -- I can't say because
have a plans to disable auto-remembering anywhere when this disabling
become possible.

(There is some points for discussion: e.g. if no opened documents are
remembered, only window size, then what behavior should be in the
following scenario:

    1. start application
    2. open two documents in the two windows
    3. resize one of windows (says window #2) and leave window #1 untouched.
    4. close application (Ctrl+Q)

Now is question: when we start application again what size should have
newly opened window?  Size of "window #1" or "window #2"?)

Easy. You opened window #2 last, so it will close last. Remember the size of window #2.

[ The list of "good"/"bad" applications is skipped ]

: Is people going to fix the apps after we decide to standarize in some : way? inclusion in the HIG?

OK.  But spirit of guidelines should be: "No machine should have control
over user -- user should have control over machine instead."

:) I agree.

: Currently the user has no control, this is annoying, and keeps in the : way of just doing work.

Sure.  User should have control.  You annoyed by impossibility to
*enable* "auto-remember size" for some applications...  I'm annoyed by
impossibility to *disable* "auto-remember size" for some applications...
Only one way, which I see, to resolve this opposition is allow to you
select- and to me deselect this feature.

Go GConf!

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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