Re: About applications remembering size

Manuel Clos wrote:
: I have observed that some applications still don't remember all the 
: settings about position and size. This is annoying from a user 
: perspective.

"from a perspective of a *some* users" will be more correct.  Because, as
example, I'm very annoyed by auto-remember size behavior, not by "don't
remember".  Therefore list of "good"/"bad" applications, provided by
you, is totally inverted from my point of view.

My opinion: any application should have something like

    Remember window size?
    () always
    () ask user
    () never

radio button group.
Or "[] Auto-remember window size?" checkbox...

May be replacing the "... window size" by "... window size, positions
and opened documents" will be more applicable... -- I can't say because
have a plans to disable auto-remembering anywhere when this disabling
become possible.

(There is some points for discussion: e.g. if no opened documents are
remembered, only window size, then what behavior should be in the
following scenario:

    1. start application
    2. open two documents in the two windows
    3. resize one of windows (says window #2) and leave window #1 untouched.
    4. close application (Ctrl+Q)

Now is question: when we start application again what size should have
newly opened window?  Size of "window #1" or "window #2"?)

[ The list of "good"/"bad" applications is skipped ]

: Is people going to fix the apps after we decide to standarize in some 
: way? inclusion in the HIG?

OK.  But spirit of guidelines should be: "No machine should have control
over user -- user should have control over machine instead."

: Currently the user has no control, this is annoying, and keeps in the 
: way of just doing work.

Sure.  User should have control.  You annoyed by impossibility to
*enable* "auto-remember size" for some applications...  I'm annoyed by
impossibility to *disable* "auto-remember size" for some applications...
Only one way, which I see, to resolve this opposition is allow to you
select- and to me deselect this feature.

Andrew W. Nosenko    (awn bcs zp ua)

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