About applications remembering size

Hi all,

I have observed that some applications still don't remember all the settings about position and size. This is annoying from a user perspective. And more when apps behave differently. This is something to polish for 2.4, from my point of view.

I'm using 2.3.3 release for the tests.

The good-behaving app: *abiword*

+ open abiword -> you get a sized window
+ change the window size, close it, restart again -> it remembers the size!
+ maximize abiword, close it, restart again -> it shows in maximized mode!
- unmaximize abiword -> it maintains the maximized size :( -> should remember latest size (like nautilus does) - change the size and position, close it, restart -> it remembers the size but not the position!

The fixed-behaving app: *gnumeric*

+ open gnumeric -> you get a sized window
- resize the window, restart -> you the same size always!
- open a gnumeric document from nautilus -> it shows in maximized state!
- unmaximize, resize the document, close, reopen the same document -> it shows in maximized state!
- does not remember the last position.

The almost perfect app: *nautilus*
+ open a nautilus window, move it, resize it, close and open the _same_ window (folder) again -> it shows the same position and size!!! - maximize a window, close it, reopen -> it shows in the last position/size, this is, does not remember maximized state.

Other examples:
EOG: does not remember the maximized state. As it is a image viewer, user should be able to choose between "fit window to image" and "fit image to window" while in unmaximized mode.

GEdit: good-behaving, but switchs to a fixed size after unmaximizing.

I could go on, but this illustrates the current state.

Is people going to fix the apps after we decide to standarize in some way? inclusion in the HIG?

Currently the user has no control, this is annoying, and keeps in the way of just doing work.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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