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Jody Goldberg wrote:
On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 09:49:07PM +0200, Manuel Clos wrote:

The fixed-behaving app: *gnumeric*

+ open gnumeric -> you get a sized window
- resize the window, restart -> you the same size always!

hmm, ok.  an easy extension.  bugzilla it.  Currently we have a pref
for what fraction of the screen to use by default,  but do not
auto update it.  With two documents open which size should a new
window enumlate, the last resize ?

The one of the last closed window. This is, save position/size/state at window close.

- open a gnumeric document from nautilus -> it shows in maximized state!

huh?  no.
gnumeric restores the geometry stored in the document (gnumeric or
xls) clipped to the display size.

Yes, you are right, saving the document also stores the size. But why is the size stored in the document? I see the point in doing it for folders, but for normal apps, I expect the size/position saving to be per app and not per document.

So I don't know what exactly should I bugzilla.

- unmaximize, resize the document, close, reopen the same document -> it shows in maximized state!

Did you you save the document with the new size ?

- does not remember the last position.

You want documents to store their position as well as their size ?
Not impossible, but I'm unconvinced it is really useful either.
We could add it to gnumeric's xml, but xls only provides it in the
sense of where the document's MDI window is, and I don't recall if
that info is in an sxc

From an user view, I didn't expect the documents to store the window size. Why is this done?

Perhaps it would be interesting to save the size/status for documents, and use the last size/status only for new documents.

It's a hard to discover feature anyway.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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