Re: gnome_url_show proposal

> Please god no. _launch () should *always* launch the default
> application. It should never fall back to just doing nautilus <blah>
> even if the default action is to use a component. The fact that one
> is able to have using a component be a default "action" is somewhat
> disheartening anyway. "Actions" should be Edit, Open, Preview, etc...

Well, default components exist wether you like it or not. ;)

Basically, it's too late to make that change now. Instead of just hardcoding
nautilus to be launched when a component is the default I will check a gconf
key for the program to use. Maybe
/desktop/gnome/applications/component_viewer or something. Then if you want
to use a more light-weigt component viewer or a different file manager you
can change it there.

> Something like this would be ideal, rather than what we have now, which
> can have double-clicking a file just open that file in another view
> inside of the file manager. Most people associate double-clicking a file
> with opening it in the default application associated with that mime
> type.

That may be true, but if I want the default action to be a component, then
that should be honoured. Nautilus or whatever file manager you use might do
something like this:

viewer = component viewer from gconf
default = default action from gnomevfs

if (default == component && viewer == MY_APP) then
    // do whatever special stuff I wanna do, like open in new window,
existing window, etc.
    // let gconf launch it the way it thinks is right
    gnome_vfs_mime_action_launch (default, uris, ...)
end if

That's how I would image it anyway.

>It would be nice to also have a _get_default_component () which
> returned the OAFIID of that component, so that it could be used by the
> program asking for it, in an appropriate manner.

I will add a convenience function like that. You can already get that IID
but you have to jump through some hoops, you can't just pass in a char*
right now to get it (I think I don't recall right now).

- Frank

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