Re: gnome_url_show proposal

> 	Its installed by libgnome - your point is still valid though. Its easy
> to fix, thouugh - just move the schemas to gnome-vfs.

Good call, since libgnome depends on GnomeVFS there is no problem here.

I've got the part for launching applications implemented, but what about
when the default action is a component? oaf_activate_from_id() returns a
CORBA_object which I guess is a widget I should embed somewhere?

Should the function then require a "container" parameter that will embed
that component? Or should there be a gconf key that lists a Bonobo
control (or whatever) that will be used as the default for embedding
view components? Like "Nautilus/ComponentFrame" or something?

I don't understand this stuff, somebody please help me. :)

Also, for GnomeVFSMimeApplicationArgumentType there is the argument type
entirely sure how to interpret that, does it mean if the file is a
directory/special file use the uri? Or if it is a remote file that does
not have a local path use the uri? The latter makes a lot more sense to
me, but the name would imply the other.

And, what parameter placeholder is currently used by GnomeVFS in
application commands? Only one is actually needed since the different
fields in the struct explain what should go into there. I've put %s in
the code, but it might be %f. Who knows about this?

Thanks in advance,

- Frank

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