Re: Shipping Vera with 2.4

 --- Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote: > Hey gang,
> I'm wondering what the best method for shipping Bitstream Vera in 2.4 will
> be, assuming that the beta period will be over by then, and we will be able
> to redistribute the fonts.
> A simple package that installs the fonts to /usr/share/fonts/gnome (or
> something like that, you can't depend on TTF/truetype, etc) might be a good
> place to start.
> Would it be a foolish idea to default to the Vera family fonts in GConf,
> instead of the fontconfig aliases? As a feature of fontconfig, everything
> will happily fall back to the aliases if the specified font doesn't exist,
> right? Will this suck in any way?

No, we should really use the pango aliases and instead try to make sure 
maintainers that they make the default be Vera if available/applicable. 
It is also a step that distros do as part of barnding and I'm not sure 
there is any reason to change it.

> Distros can, of course, do what they want (and they will regardless). :-)
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
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