Re: Login-out proposed features

On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 02:22, Chris Chabot wrote:
> I would have to agree that these visual dress-ups do add a lot for the
> user experiance.. If you forinstance look at XP's login procedure you
> will find that a lot of the loading is done in the background while
> you are being entertained with changing graphics. As long as
> 'something is happening' and it draws your attention, a few seconds is
> hardly noticable; However being confronted with just a few second wait
> without drawing your attention, it seems like a awefully long time. I
> gues water really does not cook while your watching it ;-)

I'm not sure what the issues with having gdm load gtk and gnome libs. Is
there a way to load a library so that it can be used by any user who
subsequently logs in? There was also talk previously of a deamon that
would preload gnome libs.

> A simple fullscreen graphic with a small animation and a non technical
> statement like 'starting up' or 'logging in user', would go a long way
> to hide load times where aplicable.

I was thinking about how to apply this without using things like
canvases and finished_loading signals and other hackish complicated
stuff like that.

Here's one idea I had: If possible[1] modify the panel and nautilus so
that they don't draw any of their widgets to the screen until they are
finished loading[2]. Then modify gnome-session and remove the splash
screen and instead have it set the background at the start of login to a
nice friendly full screen graphic that tells the user that gnome is
loading. Hopefully this could be done on an X level to avoid delays.

It's not quite so flashy as e16, there'd be no flashy effect, but it
would IMHO be slicker than the current behavior.

[1] I did this with a small app of mine by making the widget hidden in
glade and then making them visible in the code after they had loaded.
Not sure if it's so easy with the panel and nautilus.

[2] I think that this should be done anyway.

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