Re: Login-out proposed features

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 14:50, Psyk[o] wrote:
> I think that should be cool to have a login/logout effect similar to
> "lock screen" effect (fade-in & fade-out). Someone can grab the code
> from the screensaver proprieties in control center.

For logout I agree that a fadout would be cool. But login takes to long.
I'd much prefer to see an effect like in enlightnement 16.

You would have a full screen graphic[1] on the screen which would stay
there until the panels and desktop have fully loaded. The graphic would
then split in the middle and move off screen upwards and downwards, or
to the sides. A kind of curtin effect. Would be cool to make it

I once ran nautilus with e16 and my god did it look sweet to have their
login effect "slide open" to reveal nautilus.

I think that the login part was discussed pre 2.2 as part of a
discussion about getting rid of the splash screen. Can't remember if ppl
came to any conclusions though.

[1] Preferable some really slick graphic with the gnome logo and an
animated hourglass or something like that. Visual impact is EVERYTHING.

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