Re: Login-out proposed features

Dear Mark,
it's nestor, do you remember I helped you (a bit) with evolved-oo?
I know is out of topic, but why not go back and make that
gnome-openoffice now that Gobe Productive is not going anywhere?
nestor diaz

El dom, 16-02-2003 a las 19:06, MArk Finlay escribió:
> On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 14:50, Psyk[o] wrote:
> > I think that should be cool to have a login/logout effect similar to
> > "lock screen" effect (fade-in & fade-out). Someone can grab the code
> > from the screensaver proprieties in control center.
> For logout I agree that a fadout would be cool. But login takes to long.
> I'd much prefer to see an effect like in enlightnement 16.
> You would have a full screen graphic[1] on the screen which would stay
> there until the panels and desktop have fully loaded. The graphic would
> then split in the middle and move off screen upwards and downwards, or
> to the sides. A kind of curtin effect. Would be cool to make it
> themeable.
> I once ran nautilus with e16 and my god did it look sweet to have their
> login effect "slide open" to reveal nautilus.
> I think that the login part was discussed pre 2.2 as part of a
> discussion about getting rid of the splash screen. Can't remember if ppl
> came to any conclusions though.
> [1] Preferable some really slick graphic with the gnome logo and an
> animated hourglass or something like that. Visual impact is EVERYTHING.

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