Re: Login-out proposed features

MArk Finlay wrote:
Here's one idea I had: If possible[1] modify the panel and nautilus so
that they don't draw any of their widgets to the screen until they are
finished loading[2]. Then modify gnome-session and remove the splash
screen and instead have it set the background at the start of login to a
nice friendly full screen graphic that tells the user that gnome is
loading. Hopefully this could be done on an X level to avoid delays.

I currently have access to the menu panel *before* nautilus draws the desktop and is responsive.

The panel loading icons and applets is a natural visual progress for me.

Also, how long will you wait? until nautilus draws the desktop? what if the desktop dir is in a (busy) nfs share?

I think that the way to go here is:
- Let the user / admind (optionaly) preload gnome2 libraries while at gdm. Gdm has a background_program option, I currently use xpenguins, but I will *really* use a gnome2 libraries preloader if it were available. - Concentrate on making the programs that run at startup faster and lighter, so that you get "Instant Log On (R)"[1]

Just my 2 cents.

[1]: patent pending.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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