Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

Bill Haneman wrote:

Jeff: in that case we should abandon mention of a11y as a feature.  From
an a11y perspective a fully-working accessible terminal is a
cornerstone, it would be like shipping gnome-2.2 without
internationalization support on the basis that an english-only component
had fewer bugs and was better maintained.

This is an interesting example to bring up given that the libzvt we shipped in gnome 2.0 had bad i18n support. So it seems we have moved to a terminal widget with much better i18n support (UTF-8, etc), but with incomplete accessibility support. The new widget also has a maintainable code base _and_ a maintainer which is a plus.

Maybe it would be a good idea to give Nalin some pointers on what he should do to finish off the a11y support. It would probably be quite helpful to know exactly what needs to be done in VTE rather than just hearing that it's support is broken over and over again.


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