Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

<quote who="Bill Haneman">

> I think this is one instance of an ongoing problem with GNOME, in that
> consensus is not always reached and the actual end decision (which
> usually falls to the maintainer) is not, in the end, telegraphed
> appropriately. i.e. 
> objector: "The issues I raised are still open"
> maintainer: "I told you what I was planning to do, why should I tell you
> after I've done it"
> IMO in the above case (where there are clear open issues), the
> maintainer should always explicitly let the concerned parties know that
> the change under discussion has actually taken place.

In the case of vte for 2.2, it was made absolutely abundantly clear by the
release team, which modules were "new and included" in the release at the
feature freeze date, with constant reminders of these modules at every pre-
release before the feature freeze. I'm not entirely sure how we could have
made it any more clear what the decision was regarding vte.

> I think that if we are going to say anything publicly about GNOME
> accessibility (and we have already), we must avoid replacing code that's
> broken in one way with code that's broken or regressed accessibility-wise.
> Regression is not generally tolerated in other areas, it should not be
> tolerated in accessibility either.

The decision came down to unmaintained code vs. maintained code. If a11y or
general feature regression (unrelated to a11y) are more important than
maintained code, colour me inordinately surprised. We cannot be enslaved to
the needs of a11y at the expense of our ability to maintain and improve our
software, I'm sorry.

- Jeff

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