Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

El vie, 07-02-2003 a las 11:48, Calum Benson escribió:

> > What about raising it on mouse over, like toolbar buttons? That would
> > also make it more obvious that they are clickable. 
> Yeah, that could work too... although of course it would mean putting
> back a 1.4 feature that was taken out of 2.0 :o)

	But... I really don't understand exactly what you mean. You talk about
a button with only a square icon, and some additional space to its
sides? Or something like I said in the previous mail (labels, non square
buttons, and so on)?

	I always thought that the motivation for the "label on right" button
policy for toolbars was exactly to give more clickable size to most
frequently used buttons. This buttons are used so often that it has no
sense that this label is for intuitiveness. I suppose it's the reason
why only most frequently used add a label to its side. (It's my

	It drives in a clear way the usability problem of too small buttons.
And it let we create only-text buttons ala XP.

José Dapena Paz
Ingeniero en Informática
mailto:jdapena igalia com

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