Re: panel applet focus [was 2.4 features to consider]

> > 	Yeah, that's been done. There are issues with backwards compatibility
> > of the configuration and Fitt's Law compliance but these will get fixed
> > pretty soon (hopefully).
> About Fitt's law: The workspace swither got a feature a while back
> that enables it to draw its own frame and accept button clicks on
> it. Unfortunately I didn't do my homework before requesting new API,
> so I didn't know how to actually make use of it in the panel. But the
> feature is there ...
> As far as I can tell, the problem is that applets have to be
> focusable, and that adds a single pixel line around applets. The best
> solution is maybe to allow applets to draw their own focus.

Calum's right, focus can (and must be able to) add lines of any
thickness.  So somehow the focus-line-area needs to be reactive.  Either
the panel needs to pass events occurring there to the applet (good
because applets don't have to be smarter), or else applets need to draw
their own focus (clean, but potentially a problem is applets either make
assumptions about the size of the remaining drawing area, for instance
for icons, or if they don't draw their focus correctly).

If applets draw their own focus they should be careful to use the
gtk_style calls for focus drawing, and consider the possibility of thick
focus lines, etc., otherwise they will break low-vision themes.



Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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