Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

Hey Jeff,
	Here's a list of some of the things I expect to get done in the panel
for 2.4:

	* New toplevel panel widget:
	    + No more panel types, just a single panel which you can
	      configure to the same effect as the old panel types.
	    + Resize the panel to any width by dragging on the edge.
	    + Groovy autohide into the corner for edge panels.
	    + Move, resize, hide the panel using the keyboard.
	    + No shadow at the screen edge to help Fitt's Law
	    + Descriptive panel titles/names to aid navigation between

	* Cleanup of the panel's gconf mess. Easier to change the
	  default panel setup, sensible panel/applet ids, descriptions
	  for all keys etc.
	* The panel will respond to gconf notifications.

	* Will either expose the idea of panel "profiles" in the UI
	  or possibly dump it altogether.

	* Applications/Actions menu bar and window menu from the old
	  menu panel will be standalone applets.
	* Calendar on the clock applet.

	There's probably other stuff, but these are the things I'm looking at
getting done in fairly short order, depending on whether I have the time
or not of course :-)

Good Luck,

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 01:06, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Time to start thinking about proposed features for the GNOME 2.3 development
> series... please let us know what you're working on!
> I will add them to the 2.3 start page on, so we can track the
> proposals through to feature freeze (anything not 'finished' by that date
> will be shifted off to the 2.5 start page for next time).
> I'm assuming for the moment that fontilus and nautilus-cd-burner will be
> proposed for inclusion in the desktop release. Please note that this is a
> call for ALL NEW FEATURES, not just new modules -> let's pimp our next
> release well ahead of time. :-)
> I for one am itching to get 'back to the future'! :-)
> - Jeff
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>    "The ability to procrastinate is what separates us from the machines."   
>                      - Chris Gregory, Desktop Magazine                      
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