Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

El jue, 06-02-2003 a las 06:32, Mark McLoughlin escribió:
> > I guess they'd work similarly to toolbar buttons -> tall panels would look
> > like toolbars with labels at the bottom, short panels would look like text-
> > on-the-right toolbars.
> 	Hmm, I think space on the panel is typically very limited. It does
> sound like a good idea, but I'm not convinced anybody would want it in
> the long run.

	IMHO, it's simply a way to increase usability of desktop. One thing
that's annoying for me in gnome is that I have no way to do a button
greater than it is, in a small panel. I would like to have a way to
increase the "clickable" area of some frequently used buttons. The
solution in Windows word is adding a label to the right (Start menu). In
Menu Panel it's addressed in this way (Apps and action menus have a
label which increase the clickable area).

	It's annoying that a button which is so frequently used like the foot
get so few space in a small panel, and there is no chance to fix it.

	My idea would be to let the user add a visible label to every launcher.
In a default configuration, only Apps icon would have this enabled.

José Dapena Paz
Computing engineer
mailto:jdapena igalia com
Igalia, S.L.

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