Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 00:42, Ettore Perazzoli wrote: 
> On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 00:09, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Completely separately from my other, snide, response to Ettore ;) I have
> > to agree here. We cannot ship 2.4 with something as basic as the file
> > selector not being consistent between applications. The current
> > egg-related situation is bad enough (with yet another toolbar, and yet
> > another API for recent-files support). Those are at least mostly
> > user-hidden. It will be much, much worse if we are inflicting two
> > different file selectors on our users. We /must/ have a plan for getting
> > file selector support either everywhere or nowhere in the 2.4 timeframe,
> > or we'll have a severe regression for usability.
> I dont' think "nowhere" is an option at all; this issue is just plain
> embarassing and its solution has been postponed for way too long.

I think it is; we're aiming at progress on all fronts and (shitty as it
is) we can't allow one issue to hold up everything else, even if the gtk
folks have taken embarassingly long to fix the problem. This is
unfortunate, but allowing one feature (and the people that one feature
blocks on) to block the work of dozens of other people is a sure recipe
for utter failure in the long term. 

> If it can't be implemented properly in GTK in this time frame, then I
> say too bad, it can just be a libgnomeui thing.  GTK-only apps will
> never be able to do the MIME filetypes handling properly, nor can handle
> a GConf-based recent file/folder list,

This is not gconf-based, and won't be, as we're trying to
share it with KDE.

>  and hence are doomed to a world
> of file selector suckiness anyways.
> Besides, you don't want us to port Evolution to KDE do you?  :-)

You don't want to pay licensing fees to use QT in connector, do you?
:-) [Besides, have you seen the KDE file selector? It is an
abomination- I mean, ours is worse, but still- ewww.]


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