Re: Confusing desktop preferences preference dialogs.

mike <mike redtux demon co uk> writes: 
> There is also another issue with icon themes which I came across when I
> looked at bluecurve (which updates .desktop files icon reference)
> The average? user would think that when they change icon theme (whether
> in gconf or the "capplet") this should be reflected in the menus.
> however because each .desktop file references a icon file this does not
> happen

I'm guessing the problem there is just that some of the icons you
consider "Bluecurve" are actually in the default theme and all icon
themes fall back to them, unless the other theme specifically
overrides them.  Specifically /usr/share/pixmaps/redhat-* are
Bluecurve-looking icons in the default theme.

Moving upstream GNOME icons to a "GNOME" theme instead of the default
theme would help a lot here, just as KDE upstream icons are in the
"HiColor" theme.


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