Re: Confusing desktop preferences preference dialogs.

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 04:21, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> mike <mike redtux demon co uk> writes: 
> > There is also another issue with icon themes which I came across when I
> > looked at bluecurve (which updates .desktop files icon reference)
> > 
> > The average? user would think that when they change icon theme (whether
> > in gconf or the "capplet") this should be reflected in the menus.
> > 
> > however because each .desktop file references a icon file this does not
> > happen
> >  
> I'm guessing the problem there is just that some of the icons you
> consider "Bluecurve" are actually in the default theme and all icon
> themes fall back to them, unless the other theme specifically
> overrides them.  Specifically /usr/share/pixmaps/redhat-* are
> Bluecurve-looking icons in the default theme.
> Moving upstream GNOME icons to a "GNOME" theme instead of the default
> theme would help a lot here, just as KDE upstream icons are in the
> "HiColor" theme.

Err -no

In my case I am not running RH8 ( a wierd mixture somewhat based on 7.3
+cvs x,gnome, gcc etc RH8)

I installed bluecurve and it installed references to the bluecurve icons
in each of my desktop files (ie they all have redhat* files linked) so
not default icons

Not a major problem for me, but the issue has come up a lot on

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