Re: Confusing desktop preferences preference dialogs.

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> Re: icon themes, agree with daveb that it'd sure be nice to get the sweet
> metathemer thing as Seth proposed, but my estimate of the work involved
> there is "way more than we can do for this deadline," so my suggestion is
> that we add more tabs to the Theme capplet as RHL 8 does. Adding an icon
> theme tab there should be trivial.

This is probably a hideously bad assumption, but could we just change the
icon theme as we change the widget theme for now? Advanced users can gconf-
editorise the icon theme if they have issues with the one chosen. It would
have to fall back on 'gnome' of course (why isn't this called 'Default'?).

(This would work with Bluecurve and the a11y themes already.)

- Jeff

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