Re: Confusing desktop preferences preference dialogs.

Luis Villa <louie ximian com> writes:
> Not to play the smartass here, but 'when?' I'm worried that we're
> creeping up on the beginnings of freezes for 2.2 and we still have this
> particular theme confusion, as well as no icon-theme capplet that I've
> seen [which is a necessity for the new icon-theming stuff.]
> Luis [otherwise, 2.2 is shaping up well from a 'no major breakages'
> perspective :) 

I'll try to hurry. If I don't make it, we just nuke the one from 
gnome-control-center and go back to 2.0 situation. My current
libwnck/metacity/gnome-terminal milestone bug list is... comically
misguided. ;-)

Re: icon themes, agree with daveb that it'd sure be nice to get the
sweet metathemer thing as Seth proposed, but my estimate of the work
involved there is "way more than we can do for this deadline," so my
suggestion is that we add more tabs to the Theme capplet as RHL 8
does. Adding an icon theme tab there should be trivial.

It'd probably be a good idea to start posting the showstopper list for
the freeze.


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