Re: Default theme for GNOME

<quote who="Michele Campeotto">

>   I can see the issues about maintainership, but what about 
> LighthouseBlue? It has some refienements over Bluecurve...

The ugly bits were well refined. :-)

> >Does this extend to the name of the shared library? If so, building upon
> >the theme in any way will be difficult.
>   IIRC, Havoc said RH was going to include a configure time option to
>   change the name of the theme, so that other distributors would use
>   Wonderland instead of Bluecurve.

Yes, that's the starting point for my question above. If it changes the name
of the shared library due to trademark requirements, we've created a lovely
breakage in non-RH platforms.

- Jeff

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