Re: Default theme for GNOME

<quote who="Jonathan Blandford">

> I just added support to gnome-themes/gnome-control-center to view the
> accessibility 'metathemes'.

Yay! Thank you!

> I'd like to ship GNOME with a nice set of metathemes too, including a good
> default.

Huge agreement.

> Does anyone have any suggestions for what the default should be?

I would like to see Wonderland shipped, ahd hopefully the default. The only
problem there is multiple systems having different names for it - Red Hat
machines call it Bluecurve, everything else calls it Wonderland.

Does this extend to the name of the shared library? If so, building upon the
theme in any way will be difficult.

- Jeff

  Bluecurve is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

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