Default theme for GNOME

I just added support to gnome-themes/gnome-control-center to view the
accessibility 'metathemes'.  I'd like to ship GNOME with a nice set of
metathemes too, including a good default.  Does anyone have any
suggestions for what the default should be?  Unless we change things, we
will ship with Atlanta as the default windowmanager (assuming metacity)
and the standard GTK+ theme with the awful light blue.

Here are the current options:


Currently, gtk-engines has:

 * the default look (Raleigh)
 * Metal
 * Redmond 95

Additionally, we install the pixbuf engine w/o any RC files.  We also
ship a good number of accessibility themes that prolly shouldn't be the
default look.

Metacity ships with:

 * AgingGorilla
 * Atlanta
 * Bright
 * Crux
 * Esco
 * Gorilla
 * Metabox

Sawfish has analogs of most of these, though not Atlanta (which is the
default for Metacity)


We really only have one icon theme currently, so that seems to be a
no-brainer here.  Still, it would be nice to try to turn some of the
older nautilus themes into icon themes and have them be available in the

There are, of course, any number of themes in that we can
add to gnome-themes (crux, thinice and mist come to mind).  Doing this
incurs a support cost of course (though the engines in gtk-engines are
not very maintained.)  It would be nice to also try to guarantee some
level of compatibility from release to release.  That is, make sure that
people don't lose a theme when they upgrade to a newer GNOME.


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