Re: lock down features


While I'd love to see some of this stuff going into 2.2, I think I would
prefer to concentrate getting the various GNOME preferences a little
saner in terms of -

	o GConf notification
	o sensitivity of widgets with non-writable configuration
	o handling --break-key, --recursive-unset etc..
	o making it easier to setup default preferences *

because I'm not sure if lock down really makes sense until we've got the
other pieces of the puzzle solved, although I'd love to see this all

I'm definitely in agreement with the 2.2 schedule worries and given the
state of 2.1.x recently I think we probably have other things to sort
out that, perhaps, are more important.

		I dunno, call me a cynic...

			Glynn ;)

* Havoc, you've felt the pain with the panel, right?

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 08:18, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> So George is right about the importance of this. In fact I think we
> should go ahead and add some simple short term stuff to 2.2:
>  /apps/panel/capabilities/can_move_applets
>  /apps/panel/capabilities/can_move_panels
>  /apps/panel/capabilities/can_add_remove_panels
>  /apps/panel/capabilities/can_add_remove_applets
> (or alternatively a can_add_remove and can_move flag per-applet to
> lock the particular applet)

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