Re: lock down features

	George implemented a lock down mode for the panel a
long time ago - its a bit hacky, bit apparently it worked.
Its not working at the moment because it never got ported
from gnome-config to gconf, and is still #ifdef-ed out[1]. 
I'd actually completely forgotten about it. It may not be 
just be a simple matter of porting it, though. Its quite 
likely that a few more

	if (!commie_mode) {

	will be needed ...

	I'm concerned that resurecting this is nowhere near
enough for the full GNOME lockdown mode we actually want.
So why do waste our time doing it before 2.2. Why not aim
for a more complete implementation for 2.4 ?

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 12:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> >
> > This way some can have it real soon, and we get a maturer
> > implementation  at the end.
> But we'd also be spending the cycles in this development period, which would
> be better spent fixing bugs on the features we already have (and there
> hasn't been enough discussion of the proposed modules list so far...)

	And this is exactly why I'm unlikely to do anything
about it. I've little enough time to be working on the
panel at the moment that I should be working on the critical
bugs (which I can't reproduce FWIW :-) sitting in bugzilla.

	Of course, I'll welcome any patches :-)

Good Luck,

[1] - in session.c

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