Re: lock down features

>> > We should consider a feature allowing people to lock down various
>> > parts of the desktop.
>> > What do people think? How should we implement this?
>> Definitely important for large installations, I've almost won a couple
>> based on GConf's potential, but expanding it to true lockdown hasn't
>> really been on the agenda.
> I find this completely astounding.  This is one of THE largest features
> required in many large installations such as educational institutions
> and was discussed many times over the last few years. The standard
> response, oh yes well wait until GNOME 2.

... and now that we have the infrastructure, the task of building upon it is
being discussed.

> I can tell you one thing at the college I work for if this isn't doable
> KDE will become the standard desktop against my will, Yech!   Sorry for
> the rant guys but this is very frustrating.

Frustrating that it is being discussed, or that you did not bring it up
and/or start working on it before now? :-) Things only happen because
there's interest and people to do the work. Expectations beyond that are not
within the realms of Free Software development. Sorry.

- Jeff

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