Re: Connect to Server feature

> Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:
> > Apart from the fact that putting it in the run dialog doesn't work you
> > mean ? ;)
> It should, though.

Right now we just hardcode a specific set of methods and what applications
they get opened in. So, for example:

file:// == nautilus
http:// == default browser
ghelp:// or man:// == yelp

That kind of sucks, there needs to be some sort of central place where that
info is stored and configured. I guess the default applications dialog is
kind of like that. Also, is there a way to query GnomeVFS for what methods
it supports, so that the run dialog know if it can open a file with method
foo:// using Nautilus or a GnomeVFS app?

I have never really fully understood how all that is configured properly.
Another example is dragging a URL onto the desktop, Nautilus will create a
.desktop file for it linking to that URL. The problem is though that if it
points to a directory without a file (ie: ) it gets opened
in Nautilus as a webdav folder, instead of your default browser. That's
because Nautilus is associated to open directories. You can try this by
opening gnome-about and dragging the gnome news button url to the desktop
and then double clicking on the launcher. There must be some better way of
handling that case ... ??

- Frank

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