Re: Connect to Server feature

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Frank Worsley wrote:

> >
> > Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:
> > > Apart from the fact that putting it in the run dialog doesn't work you
> > > mean ? ;)
> >
> > It should, though.
> >
> Right now we just hardcode a specific set of methods and what applications
> they get opened in. So, for example:
> file:// == nautilus
> http:// == default browser
> ghelp:// or man:// == yelp
> That kind of sucks, there needs to be some sort of central place where that
> info is stored and configured. I guess the default applications dialog is
> kind of like that. Also, is there a way to query GnomeVFS for what methods
> it supports, so that the run dialog know if it can open a file with method
> foo:// using Nautilus or a GnomeVFS app?

gnome_url_show() reads it's configuration for this from GConf. Is 
something not using gnome_url_show?
> I have never really fully understood how all that is configured properly.
> Another example is dragging a URL onto the desktop, Nautilus will create a
> .desktop file for it linking to that URL. The problem is though that if it
> points to a directory without a file (ie: ) it gets opened
> in Nautilus as a webdav folder, instead of your default browser. That's
> because Nautilus is associated to open directories. You can try this by
> opening gnome-about and dragging the gnome news button url to the desktop
> and then double clicking on the launcher. There must be some better way of
> handling that case ... ??

Yeah. I've seen people complain about this befor. It's hard to solve 
though. The only way seems to be to put extra information in the file, but 
who would put that information there, and who would know what to put 

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