Connect to Server feature

Here we go,

I'd like to get this merged in upstream. These are changes against
gnome-panel, gnome-vfs and gnome-vfs-extras (not in the current patches
for gnome-vfs-extras).

It adds a "connect to server" menu item to the actions menu, so you just
have to enter your url, and nautilus will connect to it. It will also
save all the URIs you put in there in network: (accessible through
Browse button). The nifty icon on the left will change depending on the
type of share one tries to access (thanks Jimmac for adding the icons to

The patches are in the gnome-os module in CVS. They patch against
gnome-panel and gnome-vfs. The smb.desktop should be moved to
gnome-vfs-extras, and the check for the existance of smb: removed from
the connect-to-server binary. I'd prefer doing that when I merge the

It's been thouroughly tested (at least on my machine).

Could I commit this to the HEAD branch of these modules ?


/Bastien Nocera

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