Re: Connect to Server feature

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes:
> I'd like to get this merged in upstream. These are changes against
> gnome-panel, gnome-vfs and gnome-vfs-extras (not in the current patches
> for gnome-vfs-extras).
> It adds a "connect to server" menu item to the actions menu, so you just
> have to enter your url, and nautilus will connect to it.

What's the difference between this and typing "smb://foo" into the Run

Maybe instead of network: it should be shares: or something? And the
menu item "Open File Shares" or "Open Shared Disks" or something like
that. Or "Open Location" more generally?

Maybe a "Shared Files" link next to Home Folder in applications:, or
in start-here, would be a better way to do the browsing?

To me it makes sense to have Open Location somewhere that opens any
URI, and then a shortcut to the network: URI specifically somewhere
(but as a button in Open Location doesn't seem logical).

Just some random thoughts, I didn't look at the code.


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