Re: Connect to Server feature

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> writes: 
> Apart from the fact that putting it in the run dialog doesn't work you
> mean ? ;)

It should, though.

> > Maybe instead of network: it should be shares: or something? And the
> > menu item "Open File Shares" or "Open Shared Disks" or something like
> > that. Or "Open Location" more generally?
> It's for iDisks, samba shares, ftp sites, and whatever file sharing you
> fancy.

I guess what I'm asking is why a fileshare-specific dialog, instead of 
just a general URL-opener.

> > Maybe a "Shared Files" link next to Home Folder in applications:, or
> > in start-here, would be a better way to do the browsing?
> Adding new shortcuts would still be painful.

So the point of the dialog is a quick way to add entries to network:?

If you aren't using the menu panel, how do you add entries to
network:?  Should there be a prefs dialog, or a Nautilus menu item?
> To me, it makes more sense as an action than a location.

I'm not sure you are seeing what I mean, I'm saying, why isn't the
action a general "Open Location"

Also shouldn't network: be more pervasive in the UI, and if so
shouldn't we think through how that will work.

Don't we need a favorites/bookmarks feature? How does that fit in

Don't misunderstand, the feature seems like the right idea, but I'd
like to have a vision of the whole big picture.


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