Re: gnome-recent (plans)

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 03:14, James Willcox wrote:
> Ok, I have a proposal as to how I think things should progress.  (of
> course, this is just IMHO)
> 1)  I modify GnomeRecentModel to construct per-app lists based on mime
> type instead of application name.  For now, stick with the gconf
> storage/notification mechanism.
> 2)  Someone (maybe me, but ideally someone with more experience in this
> sort of thing) can start talking with OO, KDE, Mozilla, and whoever else
> about whether they would go along with either
> 	a)  Using a standard based on gconf
> 	b)  Use some standard involving a flat file using X for
>             notification, etc.  At least a rough outline of how this
>             works should probably be made.
> 3)  In the mean time, solidify the API for gnome-recent in libegg[1]

This all sounds good to me.

> 4)  Once an agreement (or not) is made among all parties, we should
> submit the relevant stuff to and modify gnome-recent
> appropriately.
> 5)  Eventually, move to a platform library.[2]

Libgnome sounds like the best place for this, I'm happy to include it.

> [2] Anders hasn't responded to any of these messages, nor has he
> responded to any of my previous email attempts.  Is he around much any
> more?

He's around now ;)


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