GGV 1.99.8

the "Not-so-very-crashing-postscript-viewer" release

is here. improvements include:

- fixed vicious bug #86235 so GGV doesn't segfault on lots of startups
anymore. (Satyajit)
- fixed accelerators in menus
- displays some PS files with strange DSC comments
- less confusing error reporting
- freeze/thaw the ui component for better performance
- improved scroll region outlining - it doesn't leave artifacts when
scrolling anymore
- a mem-leak or two less
- updated translations: sv( Christian), ko (Changwoo), pl (Zbigniew), fr
(Cristophe), ca (Jordi), pt (Duarte), am (Daniel), sl (me), da (Ole), bg
(Yanko), ru (Dmitry), zh_TW (Abel), sk (Stanislav), hu (Andras), no

it can be found at the usual spot on



email: jaka gnu org

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