Re: gnome-recent (plans)

Ok, I have a proposal as to how I think things should progress.  (of
course, this is just IMHO)

1)  I modify GnomeRecentModel to construct per-app lists based on mime
type instead of application name.  For now, stick with the gconf
storage/notification mechanism.

2)  Someone (maybe me, but ideally someone with more experience in this
sort of thing) can start talking with OO, KDE, Mozilla, and whoever else
about whether they would go along with either
	a)  Using a standard based on gconf

	b)  Use some standard involving a flat file using X for
            notification, etc.  At least a rough outline of how this
            works should probably be made.

3)  In the mean time, solidify the API for gnome-recent in libegg[1]

4)  Once an agreement (or not) is made among all parties, we should
submit the relevant stuff to and modify gnome-recent

5)  Eventually, move to a platform library.[2]

Is this on crack?  Did I forget anything?  I'm pretty new to all this,
and I don't want things to "stall" (again) because of lack of action on
my part.  However, if I'm being over-zealous, let me know :)


[1] At this point, it should be ok for apps to CVS include, right?

[2] Anders hasn't responded to any of these messages, nor has he
responded to any of my previous email attempts.  Is he around much any

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