Re: NautilusView lifecycle

Hi James,

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 16:33, James Willcox wrote:
> NautilusView is what you describe.  It is a bonobo control, with a
> defined interface for doing the extra stuff needed (like the throbber,
> navigation, etc).

	Yep - it's true Rodney's not quite right. I think the point is though
that it'd be nice to be able to implement Nautilus views that do all the
good stuff without having to depend on (/link to) libnautilus[whatever].

>   When you embed a regular bonobo control in nautilus that also
> implements PersistFile or something (like eog), you don't get the
> throbber stuff (IIRC).  How is what you want different from this?

	Sure; there are several things that can be done however; It seems (to
me) that the Nautilus 'View' interface can be axed and more pleasingly
implemented with properties and verbs.

	It's quite possible that the Nautilus::ViewFrame thing could be
entirely replaced with a generic Listener interface and a few structs
(for embedding in Anys).

	That's how I'd re-factor it if I was sufficiently interested anyhow ;-)



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